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ioTrust™ Security Solutions


Realize Your Vision of a Connected Ecosystem.
ioTrust™ Security Solutions

Securely Unlock the Value of Digital Business

Entrust Datacard™ ioTrust™ security solutions empower enterprises to address connecting and securing the infrastructure required to collect and transmit commands and data — from devices, applications or people.
Central Card Issuance


Le système MX1100 est disponible en plusieurs configurations à prix fixes, idéales pour émettre des cartes sécurisées, telles que cartes d’identité, permis de conduire, cartes de santé, cartes de débit, de prépaiement et carte de membre.
Mobile Authentication

Mobile as the New Desktop

Trusted Identities that Unlock the Power of Mobile in the Enterprise
Transaction Security

TransactionGuard for Real-Time Fraud Detection

Provide real-time protection by transparently monitoring user behavior to identify anomalies, then calculating the risk associated with a particular transaction.

EMV Chip Card Issuance

We help EMV chip card issuers worldwide design both centralized high-volume operations and distributed instant issuance models.

Datacard MX1100 Card Issuance System

Take your card program to the next level of efficiency for a minimal capital investment. The Datacard MX1100 card issuance system helps card issuers take an affordable first step into centralized card issuance.
Employee ID Solutions

Standard ID Solutions Guide (Nigeria)

TruCredential Suite Software

Authentication Solutions

Authentication solutions for advanced analytics and mobile innovation that integrates with your applications and provides a support for a full range of use cases.

Entrust IdentityGuard Adaptive Authentication

Transparent Authentication for Online and Mobile Channels
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