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Entrust Datacard Brings Facial Recognition to its Adaptive Authentication Platform

Entrust Datacard bolsters its intelligent identity offering providing an exceptional user experience while increasing security through a layered approach.


New Durable Graphics Printing Module from Entrust Datacard Creates High-Quality, Long-Lasting Thermal Printing without the Use of Protective Topcoats

The new Durable Graphics Printing module supports the growing flat card market as an easy-to-implement solution for improving payment card aesthetics.


Entrust Datacard Joins the Industrial Internet Consortium to Champion a Trusted Industrial Internet of Things

Entrust Datacard joins other innovators in committing resources and expertise to help create the future of the Industrial Internet of Things industry.

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Impact of ROCA on SSL

Return of Coppersmith’s Attack (ROCA) is a vulnerability in the generation of RSA keys used by a software library adopted in cryptographic smartcards, security tokens and other secure hardware chips. The vulnerability is present in NIST FIPS 140-2 and CC EAL 5+ certified devices since at least the year 2012.

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Securing the Internet of Things: Connected Cars

If not properly secured, connected cars threaten to expose sensitive consumer information. With data being passed between so many different connected channels, it’s easier than ever for hackers to get their hands on personally identifiable information.

It is very difficult to select a public key or a set of public keys that can be trusted for a long period of time. If the wrong public key is used, a website can be bricked until the server header expires. The wrong key could be provided accidentally or by an attacker. As in many cases, a site can be bricked where the administrator knows nothing about HPKP, or it’s been redirected by an attack.

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